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Carrie-Ellen's Journal

absit iniuria verbis

12 January 1975
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I am a soapmaker living in Londonderry NH with my partner, Mark. I also have a job in the financial field in South Boston . My family is very important to me, I spend as much time as possible with them. In particular, my three nieces -- Stephanie, Abby and Emma are the lights of my life.

I love corresponding with people, ever since I was 11 years old I have had numerous pen pals and (now) online friends. I enjoy giving and receiving advice for life's tough dilemmas, and love sharing my many and varied interests with others.

My dream is to be fully self-employed and own a walk-in store where I sell my handmade soap and other crafts. For now, I will settle with online. I would love to be able to provide for my family more than I can now -- we are all just struggling to make it.